Children are bedless but the rich sleep on

I was horrified to read your article (‘I’m always tired, Miss’: the sleepless children of Leeds’ bed poverty crisis, 2 January) about children whose education is suffering because they do not have access to a bed of their own. What sort of society do we live in when a young and no doubt overworked teacher needs to take this on herself by delivering beds to her deprived pupils? I hope the country’s multimillionaires and billionaires, some of whom enjoy the benefit of tax avoidance schemes, can sleep in their many beds in their many properties.
Margaret Woolacott
Lancing, West Sussex

Re Tim Dowling’s article (Escape your comfort zone: My voyage through the foods I’ve avidly avoided – from baked beans to Marmite, 25 December), the best snack ever is a thin slice of toast or bread, topped by a thin spread of Marmite, topped by thin slices of peeled cucumber. Cut the crusts off if you really want to enter foodie heaven. Delicious.
Dr Mary Poulter

My father, a serving non-commissioned officer in the army, was posted to Hong Kong in the early 1950s. He caught sprue, a wasting disease, and lost about five stone in weight. The diet prescribed to build him up was brown bread and Marmite. He lived another 50 years after that.
Ben Cardwell
Halesworth, Suffolk

I have a memory of my younger brother pleading, during the Lord’s Prayer, for God to “deliver us from eagles” (Letters, 2 January).
Trevor Hedges
Hyssington, Powys

Is it premature to blame Brexit for the absence of Easter eggs from supermarket shelves?
Dr Mark Wilcox
New Mill, West Yorkshire