Woman horrified after claiming she found snail in her Toby Carvery roast dinner

Chloe Walshaw and her boyfriend ordered two meals from the Toby Carvery restaurant on Uber Eats on New Year’s Day – and she claims she was shocked after finding a snail in her roast dinner

A woman has spoken of her horror after she claims she found a snail in her Toby Carvery roast dinner.

Chloe Walshaw and her boyfriend ordered two meals from Tipton’s Burnt Tree Island restaurant on Uber Eats on January 1 and was tucking in when she says she spotted the mollusc in her peas.

She says she spat the food out when she spotted the snail on her knife and contacted the restaurant chain which has now apologised and offered a refund.

Birmingham Live reports that a probe is also underway.

The 24-year-old school worker said: “I felt really physically sick. I was half-way through.

“I ordered it to be delivered on Uber Eats from Toby Carvery Burnt Tree Island for me and my boyfriend.

“We each had a carvery and were sent turkey and beef. It was the first time I ordered from there, I normally go in to eat but I was having a lazy day.

I’ve never really had a problem with them in the past.

“I was getting food on my fork and I thought I’ll have a bit of peas and I dug down in the peas and that’s when I saw it.

“I was really shocked, I had food in my mouth and I spat the food out. I’m glad it was on top and not in the middle of what I was about to eat!

“I stopped eating and spat the food out that I had in my mouth and said to my boyfriend ‘I’m not eating that’, I told him to look and my boyfriend said ‘I’m not eating it either’.

“I called them up and the girl that answered the phone said contact Uber Eats to get a refund and she’ll notify the chef and I emailed the photos over and they asked to give me a call.

“Uber Eats have given me a refund, it was £20.63.”

Chloe said she has now been offered a £40 voucher by Toby Carvery which has asked for the food back so they can investigate further.

But she said: “I’m never going there again. I used to go regularly but after that I don’t think I’ll ever return.”

A spokesman for Toby Carvery said: “We are sorry that we didn’t deliver a meal to our usual high standards, but thank the guest for sharing her feedback and welcome the opportunity to put this right by offering a refund and investigating internally.”